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GamesVillage Bingo Review - Free £30, No Deposit Required

GamesVillage is the one of the best, if not the best bingo website. They offer an amazing £30 free play, no deposit required which already boosts its credibility in the promotion stakes. The site and games themselves are too; fantastic. If you also like a community based website where you can chat with fellow players; then GamesVillage is for you.

As well as their free £30 you can get a cash bonus of 250% of your first deposit up to a £100. So if you deposit £10, you receive £25, if you deposit £100, you receive £250!

GamesVillage have the standard 90 ball game and if you play at specific times (advertised on the website), you can win huge jackpots! The more you play at GamesVillage the more you become recognised as a established gamer and more and more promotions will come your way. There is also 75 Ball Bingo, Speed Bingo and Power Bingo to try out. The games are easy to access and easily understandable, the website excels at making navigation easy around the website!

GamesVillage have an extensive range of different games, from 1p a play slots, to other fun scratchcard type games and skill games where you can use your gaming abilities to win money!

Want to be kept up to date with what is happening at GamesVillage? Then try their entertaining radio show! You can email requests to the DJ so you can listen to your favourite songs whilst you’re playing or you can listen online anytime just to check what games and promotions are coming up in the near future.

If you like GamesVillage, which we are sure you will; then you can recommend your friend and get £50’s worth of play for the privilege. Not bad!

We really recommend you try GameVillage. The website is great to use, there are plenty of friendly people to chat too and the bonus is amazing.  Not to mention the great games with the huge Jackpots.

Our favourite bingo website and gets full marks from us.


Game Village Bingo