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Butlers Bingo

Butler’s bingo is very sophisticated. I mean come on; there is a butler on the site, now that is style! You receive a nice £10 free to sign up without having to deposit any money and there is plenty to do on the site to ensure you are enjoying yourself.

Registering with butlers is simple enough. Once you have registered and claimed your bonus at one of the rooms you select you are then able to go on and play for free at different rooms. Although there aren’t a vast amount of games the ones provided are great fun and easy to understand and get used too. Buying tickets is easy enough with the prizes clearly visible. There are also chat rooms in the games, which appears to be a popular feature on Butlers Bingo with fellow players so it is a great place to socialise whilst playing the games.

Butlers Bingo Free £10

There are a few editable options on the website for the user to change should they want too. You can change the colour of your dabber as well as the shape. Also as there are plenty of noises you can choose to (and it may be wise) turn the sounds down or off.

The slight downside to Butlers is that with the free money you are given; you can only play so many tickets on some games and also you are limited to the games you can play. However as the money is free to play with there is no major complaints from us, if you were to deposit you do, of course get the full access. Furthermore there is a 300% first deposit bonuses too up to £50 which is always a good incentive.

Butlers is an enjoyable website and definitely worth testing out!


Butlers Bingo