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This Is Us!

"I decided to run this website after one of my relatives set up a few websites of his own, based on his  own interests. He  kindly helped me  set up this  website as I absolutley love playing bingo with the girls on  a friday night with a few vinos!  I wanted to provide a community and hub of free bingo play for people and get more people having fun and socialising within the bingo game's chatrooms and out Facebook page."

"Hi, I help Alice with a few things she is incapable of doing - so everything!  Only joking!  No, I  just do maintenance to the website when required. Although I will not take credit for creating the wesbite, I just keep on top of things really (the dogs body)".

Why The Site Has Been Created

Hi,and welcome. My name is Alice and  I decided to run this website as I am a huge fan of bingo and wanted to offer and create a community for bingo lovers! I am planning to do this through Facebook and hoping to get people interacting with one another, just like you are able to on the online games, if you so wish too.

Bingo is a very fashionable game now and is becoming increasingly popular. I love the social part of it, I go to play bingo with my sisters and our friend every Friday and have a few drinks.We can get a bit carried away sometimes and love the thrill of the game, 

The game of bingo has extended to the internet in the last few years. Online bingo is a great and fun way to relax and enjoy your leisure time. There are huge jackpot prizes to be won and loads of fun other games to play on the bingo websites.

The girls and I, before we went to Bingo!

We have teamed up with some fantastic online bingo companies and have several, great free play for you all. The best thing about these promotions, are that they all offer free play, for real money, without you having to deposit any of your own money!

I would like to say thank you to my friend Adam. He helps me update the website when required. Thank you to my cousin Matt too, who patiently helped me build the wesbite in the first place.

I really hope you find my website useful and good luck with your games.

Alice x